A Big Change for Daisy
A Big Change for Daisy

A Big Change for Daisy

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children's book · english bulldog · friendship · ages 3-8 · preschool to 2nd grade

"...the book has such a soothing, yet upbeat feel to it that children are sure to feel relaxed while reading it and enjoying the pictures. The illustrations look like watercolor paintings and depict the characters with big personalities and fun fashion taste. A huge benefit of the book is that the author...emphasizes the importance of children sharing their feelings about change to help reduce the stress and anxiety that resisting change can cause." —The Happy Science Mom Blog

Change is hard! Life is so much easier when you have coping skills to help you navigate new situations.

English Bulldog Daisy's quiet, charmed life with her doting owners is upended one fateful day when a new family member is introduced. Daisy is not sure what she thinks of this new companion, a Chihuahua-Daschund mix named Lilly Rosa with lots of puppy energy! Learn coping skills along with Daisy as she accepts and comes to love her new live-in friend. 

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Story Monsters Approved! Book Award Winner

"What a perfect book for our times. There is so much change in the world and this book will help kids process it. The story is well told and the pictures leave room for a child’s imagination."  ★★★★★ Reader Review

“Every child faces changes, and in this current time of almost daily changes, this book is exactly what every child needs. Keri Collins helps us remember to breathe and acknowledge our feelings as she tells the story of Daisy and her new sister Lilly Rosa. A Big Change for Daisy is the best combination: a children’s book that is beautiful to look at, has an engaging story and helps children with their hard emotions. I would recommend this book for any library, for all classrooms and I would purchase this one for a child’s bookshelf. I love this book. I loved the story, the illustrations, the helpful tips at the end and the real life story of Daisy and Lilly that Keri shared as well!” R. C., Educator


Author Keri T Collins

Keri T. Collins is the award-winning author of You Can Call Me Katelyn, parent of one independent daughter, wife, and all-around champion of taking action. She believes one action can completely change your path, which is why she loves to write books for kids with action messages. Her hope is the messages for her books will give kids lifelong tools to live their joy, share their sparkle of kindness, and be able to take action from their heart. Keri believes everyone—children, teenagers, and parents—all have incredible power in how they live their lives. It’s a matter of perspective, and it’s a matter of choosing one small action—a sparkle if you will—and letting it grow from there. Keri's latest children's book, A Big Change for Daisy, was illustrated by Cynthia Baker-Gusman.



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