Glasses for Margie

Glasses for Margie

Doc’s Yard Family, Book 1

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Doc's Yard Family series · ages 7-9 · skunk · children’s books · chapter books

“Another delightful tale from Virginia K. White! I love the wise, resourceful vet, his yard full of charming critters and the ways of nature.” ★★★★★ Reader Review

Doc is a veterinarian whose backyard is filled with animal friends, including Margie the myopic, sniffing skunk. One day, a mysterious visitor makes a mess and the animals must find the intruder. Will their adventures lead to more trouble or love at first smell?


2019 Finalist in the Children's Book category for the Colorado Authors League

“The book was great at getting the reader into the lives of the animals in Doc's backyard…Be sure to read this wonderful book. I loved it and I'm 74.” ★★★★★ Reader Review

“I read this wonderful book to my granddaughter's on a Saturday and we all loved it! The cover is what grabbed our attention first and the other illustrations through out the book. I loved the story about Doc and all the animals he had in his backyard and how he helped them and loved them. And how Margie got her glasses was pretty neat also, I don't want to give the whole story away but we sure did like it! We talked about all it all weekend about having that many animals. I will definitely buy more of Virginia K. White's books, easy chapter books to read for seven year olds.” ★★★★★ Reader Review

“…I bought it for my Great Grand Child but I thought I would take a peek at it. Couldn't put it down. Informative and Enjoyable…” ★★★★★ Reader Review

“What an adorable story! Margie and her yard full of animal friends have a couple of cute little adventures as Doc the vet finds a way to help her see better. My first- and third-grade daughters loved the characters and imagining what Doc's yard must be like.” ★★★★★ Reader Review


Virginia K. White was born in South Dakota but grew up in Nebraska. She taught English in Nebraska, Wyoming, and Colorado. Kids, teaching, writing, and animals are among the things she loves. After 40 years in the classroom, she was able to put those loves together and write for young readers, a long time goal of hers. She reads and talks to young readers in elementary schools as well as volunteers in the classroom of one of her former students, who is now an art teacher. Her philosophy is "if you write for young readers, you need to be around young readers!"

Virginia lives in Colorado with her husband and three rescue cats—Sprite, Fanta, and Willy. 

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