Little Honker Saves the Day

Little Honker Saves the Day

The Little Honker Series, Book 1

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Little Honker series · ages 7-9 · cats · children’s books · chapter books

"Those who love cats—and even those who don’t even like cats—will enthusiastically embrace this story of Warren, the Seal Point Siamese kitten, who proves to himself and his human family that being different is absolutely OK! Readers will keenly anticipate the revelation of other foreshadowed adventures."  —Roberta M. Ford, Educator & Children's Author

Warren’s meow is a honk.

He doesn’t sound like his Seal Point Siamese family or look like them. His brothers and sisters will not play kitty games with him. And, then, on a backyard adventure things change. He saves his family from an unwanted visitor and his honking is important after all.



"This series is perfect for young readers transitioning from picture books to independent reading. The sentences are the right length, the vocabulary is right for the chapter book readers age not all chapter books are formatted correctly, which can leave a kid reader frustrated. This book gets the age just right. Add to this that it's a sweet, entertaining story with heart, and you have the perfect chapter book series. Recommended!"  ★★★★★ Reader Review 

"You can tell that Virginia White knows cats! She hits all their quirks, as well as all of the joy of watching kittens grow up. And what a great message for kids to learn at a young age different isn't just okay, sometimes it saves the day! Kids at this reading level will really appreciate the large lettering and illustrations. Bravo!" ★★★★★ Reader Review 

"A very fun story for a cat lovers young and old. Easy for the little guys to follow the story and a great lesson learned by all. All of the kids loved the pictures too."  ★★★★★ Reader Review 

"Virginia White has written a wonderful children's book with a meaningful message. Warren felt he was an outcast, but became a hero in this delightful story. He is a very special cat in spite of his differences. I highly recommend this chapter book."  ★★★★★ Reader Review 


Virginia K. White was born in South Dakota but grew up in Nebraska. She taught English in Nebraska, Wyoming, and Colorado. Kids, teaching, writing, and animals are among the things she loves. After 40 years in the classroom, she was able to put those loves together and write for young readers, a long time goal of hers. She reads and talks to young readers in elementary schools as well as volunteers in the classroom of one of her former students, who is now an art teacher. Her philosophy is "if you write for young readers, you need to be around young readers!" Virginia lives in Colorado with her husband and three rescue cats—Sprite, Fanta, and Willy. 


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