Little Honker's Patriotic Paws

Little Honker's Patriotic Paws

The Little Honker Series, Book 5

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Little Honker series · ages 7-9 · cats · children’s books · chapter books

"Little Honker has quite the talented musical Patriotic Paws! I can't imagine anyone—young or old—not enjoying this book." —Margie Smith, Music Teacher, Denton, NE

What could a polydactyl cat add to the Swinging Tails band?

Bongos, of course! Jack moves from Key West to Little Honker's neighborhood and discovers his love of music can continue when the Tails invite him to join their band. The band gives a paw-some dream performance during the Independence Day celebration and then an unusual flare makes this celebration a day never to be forgotten.


"A "purrfectly, pawsome" book for early readers. In this continuation of the Little Honker books, Ms. Warren has created another darling story of the musical cat and his friends...this time at a fourth of July celebration. This book is a fun read-aloud or great for kids who are not reading short chapter books on their own."  ★★★★★ Reader Review 

"Not only does Ms. White tell an entertaining tale, but she manages to do it while demonstrating how a group with a common goal can overcome obstacles and support each other to reach that goal. Along the way she throws in fun facts for readers of all ages. Young readers will be entertained while learning about Hemingway cats and skunk diets."  ★★★★★ Reader Review 

"An entertaining tale or maybe an entertaining tail? A book filled with adventure, imagination and subtle lessons. I love that every character is special, all with different talents they appreciate in each other. I especially appreciate the inclusion this group demonstrates. A fun read!!!"  ★★★★★ Reader Review 

"I love this book! It is lively, entertaining and engaging—and I have recommended it to several friends with children or grandchildren. The life lessons throughout the book are subtle and will make a child think. And those marvelous illustrations—wow! They truly enhance the text. I love the skunk and Jack is charming!"  ★★★★★ Reader Review 

"What a delightful book to read with a second or third grader during the summer months. It's a wonderful opportunity for them to learn about the Independence Day Holiday and so much more. You will enjoy this book as much as they do!!" ★★★★★ Reader Review 


Virginia K. White was born in South Dakota but grew up in Nebraska. She taught English in Nebraska, Wyoming, and Colorado. Kids, teaching, writing, and animals are among the things she loves. After 40 years in the classroom, she was able to put those loves together and write for young readers, a long time goal of hers. She reads and talks to young readers in elementary schools as well as volunteers in the classroom of one of her former students, who is now an art teacher. Her philosophy is "if you write for young readers, you need to be around young readers!" Virginia lives in Colorado with her husband and three rescue cats—Sprite, Fanta, and Willy. 

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