Little Honker's Winter Concert

Little Honker's Winter Concert

The Little Honker Series, Book 2

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Little Honker series · ages 7-9 · cats · children’s books · chapter books 

"I was as delighted as Honker and his human family were to discover that Honker had musical talent. What fun it was to anticipate his featured performance in the school’s winter concert and see how bells and a bunny helped turn that event into a truly memorable experience for all. Add the recurring themes of love and different is OK and the result is another thoroughly pleasing chapter in the life of this very endearing, very special cat. Thanks, Little Honker!" Roberta H. Ford, Educator and Children’s Author

Can a cat play music at a school concert?

Little Honker can and did. First he plays a duet and then the bells with the rest of the band. When the bells get loose, the kitty inside him takes over and the excitement begins as Little Honker chases them around the auditorium. Did Little Honker ruin the concert or make it the most memorable one ever?


"Children will love the personality of Warren, the little cat who honks instead of meows. He doesn't like to do everything his brothers and sisters like to do, and that's okay. He is following his own path. We find out though, that even if he is serious about music, he can still be tempted into some good ole kitty fun!"  ★★★★★ Reader Review 

"This story's message about embracing differences will really resonate with young readers. The author also peppers the story with interesting facts about cats. The lively drawings help to make this a fun book for all ages."  ★★★★★ Reader Review 

"This book is delightful for beginning chapter book readers. Little Honker is a cat that loves music and has never learned to properly meow, honking instead. This difference leads to a fun story of adventures/misadventures when he is invited to join the musical concert at his human girls' school. Honker, a cat with rhythm, provides a valuable lesson in that we all have our part to play. The illustrations add to the playful nature of this story."  ★★★★★ Reader Review 

"Great storyline! Easy for kids to read and understand the lessons being taught." ★★★★★ Reader Review 


Virginia K. White was born in South Dakota but grew up in Nebraska. She taught English in Nebraska, Wyoming, and Colorado. Kids, teaching, writing, and animals are among the things she loves. After 40 years in the classroom, she was able to put those loves together and write for young readers, a long time goal of hers. She reads and talks to young readers in elementary schools as well as volunteers in the classroom of one of her former students, who is now an art teacher. Her philosophy is "if you write for young readers, you need to be around young readers!" Virginia lives in Colorado with her husband and three rescue cats—Sprite, Fanta, and Willy. 

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