Our Journey to Corporate Sanity

Our Journey to Corporate Sanity

Transformational Stories from the Frontiers of 21st Century Leadership

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"The playbook for 21st century leaders has finally arrived. Ayelet Baron's Our Journey to Corporate Sanity is a must read for any corporate leaders adapting to the new corporate culture." —Anthony Hidalgo, President & Founder, Hidalgo Communications

The prevailing mindset in business, which values profit above well-being and the environment that sustains us, is insane. Creating a healthy, humane world requires more than new organizational models that merely shift the deck chairs on a sinking ship. We need to entirely re-imagine the nature of business, work, and life.

In Our Journey to Corporate Sanity, Ayelet Baron guides us through transformational stories from leading business pioneers who share how they are profitably creating a beautiful and humane world. We can draw from their collective wisdom to help us chart our own journey to a new mindset of 21st century leadership. 


"I've always lived my life with the belief that it's about the journey, not the destination. In her new book, Ayelet artfully illuminates a bold vision forward on our journey to corporate sanity. By weaving her brilliant concepts with inspiring stories from a number of outstanding leaders, she masterfully points out the need for all of us to stop and look at ourselves in the mirror so we can reflect on where we are on life's journey and recalculate where we need to go next. A fantastic and engaging read!" —Ruth Ross, Author of Coming Alive: The Journey To Reengage Your Life And Career and Former Executive Vice President, Human Resources, Wells Fargo

“...a mirror to reflect and a tool to redefine the purpose and responsibility of the business word.” —Rami Kleinmann, President & CEO of the Canadian Friends of the Hebrew University

“Writing from the heart, Ayelet Baron challenges the outdated myth of work-life balance in a refreshing, provocative way, and instead proposes a lifeaholic approach focused on purpose in all facets of life and work. This is the book for anyone who is ready to replace century old ways of working with a new vocabulary of intuition, co-creation, communities, connectivity, purpose, and sanity, and put them all into practice. Our Journey to Corporate Sanity is about no longer compartmentalizing life and work. It's time to think and act with purpose.” —Anders Vinther, Chief Quality Officer, Sanofi Pasteur

“This isn't just a book: it's a philosophy and a blueprint on how to rewrite the rules to create the meaningful and purposeful life you always intended. The foundations and principles of this book are at the core of what we offer to all our customers, and we hope they become the core of what every human tries to do for themselves. I challenge you to read this and not be inspired to both make and be the change.”  —Pasquale Gallifuoco, Founder & CEO, VMI Collective

“Why are leaders fixated on empathy and authenticity? Because we humans—customers, users, employees, stakeholders, the public et al—want more of it. And the supply is just not keeping up with demand. Ayelet Baron sees a future where organizations can be healthier, saner and simpler and shares the underlying wisdom with us in a way that is transformative.” —Julie Anixter, Executive Director, AIGI, the professional association for design, Co-founder, Think Remarkable, and Co-founder, Innovation Excellence

“Many books theorize about how business should change, but often lack the understanding about how to actually do it. Ayelet’s book is different. Our Journey to Corporate Sanity not only provides us with a clear vision of the future of business, but also gives practical, real-world examples of how it is already being realized. This is an essential guide-book for any leader who aspires to create a new-paradigm company.” —Tim Kelley, Author of True Purpose: 12 Strategies for Discovering the Difference You Are Meant to Make

"Ayelet’s wisdom has a place in every leadership conversation in the classroom, the conference room, the Boardroom and the White House. The 21st century leadership mindset she espouses will benefit humanity for decades to come." ★★★★★ Reader Review


Ayelet Baron is a visionary author, speaker, and former tech executive committed to making a transformational impact on business for the benefit of all humanity.

She is helping companies understand how to build lasting, trusted relationships and community, and pioneering more people-centered ways to work that leverage new tools to connect, collaborate, and innovate.

After undergoing a deeply personal transformation, she realized there is more to life and business than profits alone. Ayelet recognized the magnitude of how much the corporate world had lost its way, and, more importantly, she saw hope for how to make things better. She discovered that the new mindset needed for 21st century leadership has its roots in ancient wisdom traditions, especially around the themes of integration and a genuinely holistic perspective. Her research and experience points to the fact that organizations must offer a greater sense of purpose if they are to thrive, and that when you run your organization according to a higher purpose, you end up attracting and retaining people.

In 2015, Ayelet served as an adjunct leadership team member as an Innovator in Residence in Roche/Genentech's Strategic Innovation Product Development organization. She climbed the corporate ladder for more than a decade at Cisco Systems, where she was the Chief Strategy Officer for Cisco Canada. Her leadership helped propel Canada from the sixth to the second largest revenue generating country for Cisco at nearly $2B. She served on the Emerging Markets and IT executive leadership teams at Cisco, where she led pioneering programs for the company. Ayelet was also a Cisco Leadership Fellow with Nethope, where she collaborated with over 20 of the largest global Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).

Ayelet is uniquely and powerfully poised to guide corporations on a profoundly significant journey that touches all of us in this century and beyond: our journey to corporate sanity. 

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