Power Multiplied

Power Multiplied

The Novel of a Whale, a Woman, and an Alien Child in Peril (Power Rising, Book 2)

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sci-fi & fantasy series · first contact · strong female lead · aliens · power rising

"...an incomparably mesmerizing read... and stunningly interwoven plot." —OnlineBookClub.org

She will sacrifice herself to save them all...

Once again, it's up to SeaQuarium volunteer Shannon Kendricks to protect her friends, an alien child, Essi, and a rare beluga whale, Juneau. Winning Juneau a "free pass" for one day out of captivity, Shannon eagerly awaits for the whale's return. But when an explosion of water washes her out into the chilling Alaskan Sea, Shannon must fight for her survival.

Unexpectedly, Essi returns to Earth riddled with a life-threatening virus that could easily wipe out the entire planet. Now, two aliens from another world are determined to find Essi to gain access to the virus. If unleashed, the virus will cause massive loss of life.

As Shannon embarks upon a strange and perilous journey to save her friends and everyone on Earth, the stakes are at all-time high.  Survival of life on another planet as well as on Earth rests on the shoulders of this strong-willed and courageous SeaQuarium volunteer. With a powerful alien on her side, her powers are multiplied, giving her a fighting chance to defeat her enemies. But will it be enough—or will she lose it all?


"Definitely give this (and the first book) a read...great for adults or the teen crowd."  ★★★★★ Reader Review

"This enjoyable page-turner left me marveling at the author’s imagination. Surprising thought pathways, relatable characters, gifted composition, and solid themes make the first two installments of this trilogy easy to recommend."  ★★★★★ Reader Review

" It was so much fun to read. I started it and literally read it in one sitting."  ★★★★★ Reader Review

"Very imaginative novel. This alien lands on Earth and can talk to whales, as well as to the other aliens. She tries to save the whales from captivity, all while fending off another alien. The concept is very interesting, and may even sound a bit odd, but it is a good read. You will find yourself loving the main character and her on rooting for her to win all while her health is rapidly falling. I would recommend" ★★★★★ Reader Review


Like her protagonist Shannon Kendricks, Cathy Parker is an attorney. She volunteered as a zoo keeper's aide for eight years and did have a very special beluga buddy, Mauyak. As to encounters with alien children, she is not saying. She was also a radio and print journalist and once was the 'Jill of all trades' for a small satellite paper in Wyoming. She did everything from taking to the photos to writing the articles and op-ed pieces to helping with layout and hauling the newspapers through blizzards once a week. As a result, she saw lambs being born and went on a cattle drive and ate her first (and last) Rocky Mountain Oyster. She has seen mountain gorillas in the wild in Rwanda and orangutans in Borneo and even rocked an orphaned baby orangutan to sleep on her chest. She has volunteered with a chimpanzee sanctuary for former research subjects. So you can see where her heart lies. Currently she is happy at home with her black brindle mastiff and her black cat. All similarities between her cat and Narcissus are purely and probably coincidental.

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