The Illusion Queen

The Illusion Queen

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Aleja is the most celebrated young woman on Corazon, an ancient and mystical island where laws and traditions are carved in stone. For one cycle of the moon Corazon’s leaders will give Aleja extravagant gifts, hold feasts in her honor, and when the new moon rises they will take her life.

Aleja is a Daughter, a woman raised from childhood to serve the goddess Queen that rules Corazon. Every generation one Daughter is chosen to give her body to be the Vessel of the Queen’s spirit. Aleja accepts the honor willingly until she discovers her sacrifice will not be for the good of Corazon’s people, but for a lie that keeps them slaves to a sinister cabal.

Rather than accept her fate, Aleja fights back against her captors. In order to survive, Aleja must reject everything about the world she thought she knew, and learn that even rules in stone can be broken.



T.E. Dickason is fantasy and sci-fi author. His first novel, The Illusion Queen, is a YA fantasy set in a Greco-Roman world. He has published short stories, including "It Was Metal”, a comic short featured in the A Sound of Thunder comic anthology of the same name. In his spare time he indulges in his passion for silent films by drawing portraits of silent film stars. He also enjoys getting lost in thought whenever the opportunity presents itself.

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