The Proactive Executive

The Proactive Executive

A C-Suite Recruiter’s 5-Step System for Achieving Greater Career Success

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“An exceptional map for understanding the actions, decisions, market positioning and personal development that ultimately determine whether we have effectively managed our careers or fallen short." —John Koryl, President, Neiman Marcus Stores & Online

"Having read and prescribed many career books, this would be my absolute top choice. The author's perspective is unique in that his vast executive search experience provides insight both from a company's view as well as from the prospective executive. Together, they form a mosaic of what really defines exceptional talent and how this should guide one's career decisions. Chris Nadherny has created a career management reference guide that will prove invaluable for many aspiring executives in the years to come." Fred Ley, SVP Corporate HR and Global Talent Management and Acquisition, Walmart, Inc.



As a nationally respected executive recruiter, Chris Nadherny knows what it takes for professionals to get to the next level, and what holds them back. During his 30 years with Spencer Stuart—one of the world’s top executive recruiting firms—Nadherny conducted more than 700 search assignments for a wide-range of companies, assessed thousands of successful professionals and counseled many whose career paths have been disrupted or stalled.

In The Proactive Executive, Nadherny has created a highly effective five-step framework for mid-career professionals who want to fulfill their potential. Packed with actionable guidance, real-world stories and insider knowledge, The Proactive Executive explains how to build key skills, assess job opportunities, develop self-awareness, and obtain a position of senior-level responsibility.



As a nationally recognized C-level recruiter, Chris Nadherny spent 30 years with Spencer Stuart, a leading global executive search firm. His early career was in brand marketing after receiving a Wharton MBA. While at Spencer Stuart, his executive search clients included leading Fortune 500 companies, private equity portfolio companies, and later stage start-ups. Along the way, he assessed the track records and backgrounds of over five thousand aspiring and C-suite executives. The insights and observations gained from these assessments provided Chris with unique perspective on how successful careers are formed. He also counseled many other executives whose careers had become derailed.

After many years in the recruiting trenches, Chris decided to leave Spencer Stuart with the goal of helping executives achieve greater professional success through proactive and thoughtful career planning and management. In his book, The Proactive Executive: A C-Suite Recruiters 5-Step System for Achieving Greater Career Success, he shares the best of his 30 years’ worth of observations, learnings, and insights. The book provides practical, straightforward advice, action steps and how to’s for immediately improving your career prospects, job satisfaction and earnings potential. 

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