A Christmas Series Filled with Tender Moments During Tough Times in World War II

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Christmastime in New York City, it's the most beautiful time of the year. But how can Lillian Hapsey, a young widow raising her two sons alone, be cheerful this holiday season? Overwhelmed by grief, stressed by financial uncertainty, and watching a world war brewing in Europe, Lillian would rather skip the holidays altogether this year. But as a mother, she knows she must make this Christmas special for her boys Tommy and Gabriel.  

Christmastime 1939, the first book in seven-book Christmastime Series, finds Lillian working hard to rekindle her childhood fascination with Christmastime, despite the challenges. As the series evolves in Christmastime 1940, Lillian meets the curmudgeonly Charles Drooms, who is perfectly content with his predictable life as the owner of a successful accounting firm until Lillian and her two young sons move down the hall from him. Drooms's narrow world is shaken by her beauty, gentle spirit and loving family.




The next book, Christmastime 1941, opens two days after Pearl Harbor has been bombed. War is declared and New York City is in a state of chaos and panic as it tries to prepare for possible attacks.  

As the series continues, America struggles to find its footing in the war. Men leave to fight and women join the workforce. It may be a wartime Christmas, but New York City still vibrates with energy, romance, tension, and urgency.  



"A nostalgic and hopeful holiday tale. The historical setting comes alive with well-chosen details and...dialogue and emotional states are well rendered in the author's crisp, vivid style." —Kirkus Reviews 

"A modern Christmas classic full of warmth, traditions and memorable characters." —Goodreads reviewer

"What a delight! I absolutely enjoyed this book. After a chapter or two, I began to compare the storyline with Dickens, A Christmas Carol and realized it was a modern version of pain, love, joy, children and a whole lot more.… a poignant, interesting and heartfelt novel." —Reader review

"I am so in love with this series!…These books are so compelling that as soon as I turn the last page on one book, I immediately begin the next!"—Goodreads reviewer


Author Linda MahkovecLinda Mahkovec is the author of The Christmastime Series (7 books) set predominantly in New York City during the World War II years. She also has two collections of short stories, The Dreams of Youth and Seven Tales of Love, and a contemporary novel set in Seattle, The Garden House.

Themes of love, family, and home dominate her stories, and though they may be set against the backdrop of war or deal with the disappointments in life, the overarching feel is uplifting and hopeful. Threads that run through her work are the search for beauty and meaning, and the artistic female character—whether she is a painter, a gardener, or simply someone who lives creatively and seeks connection.

Mahkovec was born and raised in a small town in Illinois. She then spent several years in the San Francisco Bay area and Seattle, and for the past thirty years has lived in New York City. She has a PhD in English, specializing in Victorian literature. She has previously published as Agnes Irene.