Folklore, Medicine & Superstition in the Georgia Mountains, 1822

If you like unique twists on history, complex characters, and a touch of enchantment, then you’ll love The Winter Sisters. Taking inspiration from tall tales, Southern myths and legends, small towns, folklore, fantasy, magic, and the real-life history of the South’s backroads and byways, author Tim Westover weaves together what Southern Literary Review calls "a mesmerizing gem of a novel [and] a fine example of Southern literature at its most moving and vivid and beautiful.” 


A stuffy big-city doctor. Three rural folk healers. An unexpected partnership could put lives on the line…

Georgia, 1822. Dr. Aubrey Waycross puts his faith in science, not superstition. So when he moves to a remote mountain town, he’s dismayed to see the townsfolk reject his scientific blood-letting methods in favor of potions and witchcraft. And with a rabid panther stalking the area, he’s running out of time to convince the citizens of the error of their ways.

Confronting the trio of spell-peddling sisters, he’s stunned to find their herbal remedies may contain the missing ingredient he needs for a cure. But with the local pastor hellbent on driving them out and the youngest sister unwilling to share her mysterious abilities, he worries he could lose the sick to madness and death.

Can Dr. Waycross discover the right combination of science and sorcery to save the townspeople?


“Historical fiction fans will be riveted by this immersive portrait of medicine and superstition in 19th-century rural Georgia.” —BookLife Prize

“an absorbing, well-researched and beautifully written novel” —U.S. Selfies Awards

“This is a brilliantly realized depiction of the conflict between new scientific theories and traditional herbal remedies, set in a small 19th-century community under threat of rabies. Will the superstitious townsfolk trust to the new doctor or the three sisters—witches to some, healers to others—to cure them?” —Jo Henry, Managing Director, BookBrunch

“The Winter Sisters makes an admirable contribution to the wealth of Southern literature.” —Cevin Bryerman, Executive VP/Publisher, Publishers Weekly

“The Winter Sisters is an entertaining historical fantasy in which lives change and minds open.” —Foreword Reviews

“Solid writing and strong characters buoy this examination of a captivating moment in American history when old beliefs encountered the new. An enthralling, cozy tale set in an era when folklore reigned over science.” —Kirkus Reviews

“The Winter Sisters is a spellbinding frontier-America historical fantasy that showcases author Tim Westover’s genuine flair for originality and a distinctively engaging narrative storytelling style. With its unique twists on history and deftly crafted characters, The Winter Sisters will prove to be an immediate and enduringly popular addition to community library General Fiction collections.” —Midwest Book Review

"…this novel is a balm for the soul, or perhaps a mirror, reminding us that what truly matters is not who ends up being wrong or right, but rather how we treat one another along the way.” —The Independent Review of Books 

“The Winter Sisters is a deftly crafted historical novel with an added layer of magical realism that’s handled with a delicate touch. That air of mystery seeps into the novel from beginning to end, and the story is better for it…A spellbinding blend of historical fiction and magic realism, The Winter Sisters mixes science with superstition in this enchanting, lush novel.” —IndieReader

“The narration switches between Dr. Waycross’s first person and Sarah Winter’s third person. They’re interesting and distinct voices. The time period and setting are quite vibrant. Medical practices and thought processes are delightfully detailed…Westover’s writing style is humorous, quirky, and thoughtful.” —Historical Novel Review


Tim Westover is an adopted Southerner who writes novels about ancient spirits, humble ghosts, singing trees, medicine-show men, haunted pianos, and miraculous sisters in the 19th century. He takes inspiration from tall tales, Southern myths and legends, small towns, folklore, fantasy, magic, and the real-life history of the South’s backroads and byways.

Westover currently lives in North Georgia and is a graduate of Davidson College and the University of Georgia. In addition to writing, Westover enjoys programming, playing the clawhammer banjo, and raising his daughter to be a modern American eccentric. Westover is donating the profits from his books to the child life department at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. His prior books are Old Weird South, editor (QW Publisher, 2012), an anthology of short stories by various authors; and Auraria (QW Publisher, 2012), a magical realism historical novel also set in North Georgia.