A Wild Ride Into the High-Stakes World of Horse Racing With a Gifted Female Jockey

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As is the case with so many sports in 2020, this has been a strange year for thoroughbred horse racing. As a huge race fan, author Michael Ferrara misses the majesty and excitement of the sport and hopes that his book Breezing will transport readers trackside while they are enjoying the book. 

"There's nothing quite like that feeling of excitement when you hear that thundering of hooves as the horses come around the back stretch," Ferrara says. "The energy and heart of those magnificent creatures is mesmerizing...and the people who ride them, well, they are always interesting. There's a lot of rich material to work with as a writer."
Fans of the book have compared Ferrara's writing to that of award-winning, international bestselling author Dick Francis, who wrote more than forty highly acclaimed novels about horse racing after having been a steeplechase jockey himself.


In the high-stakes world of horse racing, is it training, money, or luck that gets the win? 

C.J. Jamieson is a young, gifted female jockey with a complicated past and a strong desire to break through in the competitive world of thoroughbred racing.

Trainer Ritchie Gallo, on the other hand, has spent half his life in the sport. He's at the top of his game, but he's never been lucky enough to train a world-class racehorse. Until now. He finally has the horse, but needs the perfect rider.

Call it luck or fate, but when Gallo comes across C.J., he knows he might finally have his ticket to the winners circle.  

Follow Gallo and C.J. as they compete in the turbulent world of thoroughbred racing in a beautifully told, fast-paced story of triumph, tragedy, and perseverance. From the tracks of Saratoga to the famous Churchill Downs, their journey together teaches them that winning races on fragile legs isn't so different than winning at life with fragile hearts. 


"What a gorgeous book! Very reminiscent of Dick Francis with its in-depth knowledge of horses and the world of thoroughbred racing…” —NetGalley Reviewer
"The characters are not your run-of-the-mill characters: they were very complex and interesting. The same can be said for the plot...there were twists and turns that were not expected....I hope the author writes another story in the Thoroughbred racing world, because I would certainly purchase the book!"  Reader Review
"This book is like an M Rated love letter to the horse novels I loved as a child. I cried a few times while reading, I laughed way more and I fell in love with these characters. The horses feel so real that a part of me wants to go to Kentucky and meet them for myself, along with a jockey who brings out the best in everyone around her. I want more more more!" —Reader Review 

"Mike Ferrara creates characters that are good company. You enjoy spending time with them. You root for them. You care about them. Breezing is a good tale, an excellent read.” —Reader Review


Author Michael Ferrara

Michael Ferrara is a 1969 graduate of Syracuse University where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science. During his senior year at Syracuse, Mike served as commander of the university’s Air Force ROTC cadet group. He then served for nine years as an Air Force officer. His time in the military included one year in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War, four years in the military space program, and his final year at Air Force headquarters in Washington, D.C. Mike also earned a Master of Science Degree in Logistics Management from the Air Force Institute of Technology. A career change into the world of finance brought Mike to Wall Street where he founded and directed a wealth management team that served more than 300 individuals and businesses and managed $500 million in securities. Mike retired in 2014 from Morgan Stanley as a First Vice President and Senior Portfolio Manager. Never one to fully retire, Mike started a new career as an author. He and his wife of forty-three years, Catherine, reside in Charleston, South Carolina, where he is an avid golfer, gourmet cook, and supporter of the First Tee of Greater Charleston.