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Recently recognized by Forbes as one of the world's top female futurists, author Ayelet Baron is a force to be reckoned with.

In F*ck the Bucket List for the Soul, the first book in her new series, Ayelet challenges readers to leave behind the exhaustion, overwhelm, burnout, stress, anger, fear, and judgement of society’s decaying systems and reveal themselves to the universe in all their wonder. For those open to this journey, she promises life will never be the same.

Having gone through her own transformation after leaving behind a successful career in Silicon Valley, Ayelet wishes there had been more guidance available to her at the time. F*ck the Bucket List for the Soul is part of her mission to provide that guidance for others. 

Books two and three in the series are coming soon. F*ck the Bucket List for the Adventurer will be released worldwide on January 27 and F*ck the Bucket List for the Health Conscious will launch on May 27.

Pick up a copy of F*ck the Bucket List for the Soul, and start your guided journey to a more intentional life.



“This excellent book gives us a compass for finding joy, meaning, and fulfillment on our own terms.” —Jonas Koffler, New York Times bestselling coauthor of Hustle: The Power to Charge Your Life with Money, Meaning, and Momentum

“This book is especially timely in this volatile era where living a healthy, meaningful, and uplifting life by understanding more deeply one’s self and thus one’s ability to do so makes this book a must-read. I was touched by the specific, actionable insights and examples Ayelet Baron provides to put us on that path.” —Kare Anderson, Emmy-winning journalist, author and TED speaker

“I LOVE the book! ...Read this book and Ayelet will help you find the answers you’ve been seeking to live your fullest life. The big secret? It’s been right there, within you, all along. Your own curiosity will be the catalyst for the change you know you need.” —Janet Fouts, Mindfulness Coach, Speaker, Author, When Life Hits the Fan

“...an empowering read. Ayelet poses questions that are critically important for this time in our evolution and, more importantly, for our survival. Many of us have been so conditioned to giving our power away by yielding it to the status quo that we have lost our individual voices and as a result, compromised our collective future. Ayelet reminds us that we each have a voice and provides the space to explore what that is and to unapologetically use it. A must read!” —Tammy McCrary, Artist Advocate, Author, and Founder of Artistology

“Written in the language of the heart, F*ck the Bucket List is a wake-up call for all who are awakening. [It's] a destination you might not have known you were seeking until you arrived here. Ayelet Baron explores the illusions of a failing world and asks us to step into another potential, one rooted in the heart of courage and emerging self-awareness. Reading F*ck the Bucket List was like speaking to the best part of myself, the part who truly knows who I am and what is healthy for me.” —Lynnda Pollio, Multi-award-winning Author

“In this book, Ayelet Baron offers us powerful life lessons to inspire and guide us. Recommended!” —Ross Dawson, Futurist, Entrepreneur, and Author 


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Ayelet Baron is a visionary author, speaker, and former tech executive committed to making a transformational impact on business for the benefit of all humanity. She helps companies understand how to build lasting, trusted relationships and community, and pioneering more people-centered ways to work that leverage new tools to connect, collaborate, and innovate.

After undergoing a deeply personal transformation, she realized there is more to life and business than profits alone. Ayelet recognized the magnitude of how much the corporate world had lost its way, and, more importantly, she saw hope for how to make things better. She discovered that the new mindset needed for 21st century leadership has its roots in ancient wisdom traditions, especially around the themes of integration and a genuinely holistic perspective. Her research and experience points to the fact that organizations must offer a greater sense of purpose if they are to thrive, and that when you run your organization according to a higher purpose, you end up attracting and retaining people.

In 2015, Ayelet served as an adjunct leadership team member as an Innovator in Residence in Roche/Genentech's Strategic Innovation Product Development organization. She climbed the corporate ladder for more than a decade at Cisco Systems, where she was the Chief Strategy Officer for Cisco Canada. Her leadership helped propel Canada from the sixth to the second largest revenue generating country for Cisco at nearly $2B. She served on the Emerging Markets and IT executive leadership teams at Cisco, where she led pioneering programs for the company. Ayelet was also a Cisco Leadership Fellow with Nethope, where she collaborated with over 20 of the largest global Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).

Ayelet is uniquely and powerfully poised to guide corporations on a profoundly significant journey that touches all of us in this century and beyond: our journey to corporate sanity.

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